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Myofascial Release Therapy for Pelvic Dysfunction and Related Issues

Body Restoration Physical Therapy is a unique physical therapy practice on Long Island.  We specialize in treating all women’s and men’s health related issues of the pelvic floor using manual techniques to release muscles, nerves, trigger points, and fascial tissue.  Pelvic floor issues include any condition that centers around the genito-urinary tract, lower gastro-intestinal system or the coccyx.  We can achieve results for our patients who have been dealing with painful and debilitating conditions who have tried other therapies, or have been told there’s nothing that can be done about their condition, or that it is normal.  There is nothing normal about living with pain or dysfunction on a daily basis.  Many of our patients have been told that their condition is “something that happens,” or worse, that it’s “all in your head.”  In many instances, it actually is all in their fascia.

“Strolling Under the Skin” by J.C. Guimberteau

Fascia are a type of connective tissue that surrounds muscles or groups of muscles, blood vessels and nerves, binding some together and allowing others to move freely.  There are several types of fascia, each serving a different function.  Over the course of years of wear and tear, illness or injury, it is possible for the fascia to become limited in motion for a variety of reasons.  Dr. Lauradonna D’Antoni uses specialized myofascial release techniques to restore normal movement to these connective tissues, providing improved function and pain relief.

Patient treatment also includes patient education, home exercise programs, and biofeedback if necessary.  At Body Restoration Physical Therapy, we take pride in helping our patients to live healthier, more fulfilling and pain free lives, even when others have left them with no hope.

What is considered a condition of the pelvic floor?

Some of the conditions we can successfully treat here at Body Restoration Physical Therapy include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), urinary urgency, vaginismus, urinary frequency, post partum complications, overactive bladder (OAB), coccyxdynia, infertility in both men and women, pelvic pain, prostadynia, prostatitis, constipation, incontinence, vestibulitis, vestibulodynia, sexual dysfunction, pudendal nerve injury, levator ani dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction, painful bladder syndrome or interstitial cystitis (IC), prolapse of the bladder, uterus, or the rectum and scar tissue from breast surgery or prostate surgery.

Patient Education

Dr. Lauradonna D’Antoni of Body Restoration Physical Therapy will periodically give educational presentations on topics of interest to patients and future patients.  Watch our What’s New? page for dates of upcoming presentations.


On March 11, 2014, Dr. D’Antoni presentedPhysical Health for Post-Partum Women” at the Holistic Moms Network: Nassau County (South Shore) Chapter.  Attendees were able to learn about health issues that can occur after child-birth, gaining an understanding of what is normal and what can be treated. The presentation helped women to learn more about their bodies and how to treat themselves.
On March 29, 2014, she presented A Natural Approach for Women’s Health at the Second Annual Women’s Symposium, Education to Entertainment, hosted by the Floral Park Lions Club.  Women at the presentation learned about many health issues that women may experience in a lifetime. Although many women live in silence about their issues, it is not normal to have pain. Attendees learned about an innovative, hands-on approach to healing the body.

Can myofascial release therapy help you?

“I have been a patient of Dr. D’Antoni for three months.  She has properly diagnosed a condition which I have had constant pain, and none of the other health care practitioners even mentioned this condition. During the treatment you are very relaxed.  She then asks how you are feeling and gives you exercises to do at home.  At the next session she goes over them to assure you are doing them properly.  You feel very comfortable in her surroundings.  I would recommend her as a provider on a scale of 1-5, a 5.”  – Cheryl, Bellmore

Many patients have found relief through our unique approach to physical therapy. Click here to read the explanations of some of the medical terms and diagnoses related to the pelvic floor and to see if Body Restoration Physical Therapy can help you.


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